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Date Published: 07 Mar 2023

The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) invites interested parties to register prospective bids under the Battery Energy Storage Capacity Bid Window of the Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme (Battery Energy Storage IPPPP).


The Ministerial Determination gazetted on 25 September 2020, requires the Department to procure 513 megawatts (MW) of Storage.


In line with the Determination, the Battery Energy Storage (BES) IPP Procurement Programme has been designed to facilitate the procurement of up to 513 megawatts (MW), to provide Capacity, Energy and Ancillary Services in addition to contributing towards socio-economic and environmentally sustainable growth, in order to continue the successes of the IPP Procurement Programme.


All the interconnecting Transmission substations forming part of the BES IPP Procurement Programme are located in the Northern Cape, as specified by Eskom.


The Capacity to be procured in the Northern Cape under the BES IPP Procurement Programme is in respect of the following interconnecting Transmission substations, and their respective storage capacity (“Substations Energy Storage Capacity”), as follows:



Maximum Capacity at Substation


77 MW


103 MW


153 MW


77 MW


103 MW


513 MW


A Bidder which is a consortia, may submit one Bid Response in respect of one Energy Storage Substation to which they would like their facility to connect and make available Capacity, Energy and Ancillary Services in line with the rules of the RFP.


Each Bid Response must be for the full Substation Energy Storage Capacity at the Energy Storage Substation elected by the Bidder. The Department intends to select a single Preferred Bidder in respect of each Energy Storage Substation.


The BES IPP Procurement Programme is open to the world wide public and is not restricted to Bidders comprised only of Citizens and South African entities.


Prior to accessing the RFP, each prospective bidder is required to pay a non-refundable documentation fee of R25 000 per prospective project and to complete an electronic registration form. The form is accessible at:


The DMRE will communicate only with prospective bidders that have completed the electronic registration form and paid the required document fee. Payment details for the document fee are contained in the advert accessible at:


The bid submission is scheduled for 5 July 2023, closing at 17:00. The DMRE intends to host a Bidder’s Conference with prospective bidders prior to the bid submission. The details of the bidder’s conference will be communicated in due course.


Battery Energy Storage is amongst various technologies espoused in the Integrated Resource Plan IRP 2019) which seeks to promote a diversified energy mix that would reduce reliance on a single or a few primary energy sources.


For enquiries:

Mr Makhosonke Buthelezi – 082 359 5584

Mr Nathi Shabangu - 073 852 1922



Issued by the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy