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Economic Advisory Services Overview

The Economic Advisory Services chief directorate plays a central role in the development and formulation of evidence-based mining policy and strategies and advising the executive management on the recent development of macroeconomic dynamics and its implications to the mining industry. 
The key responsibility of the Economic Advisory Services chief directorateMacroeconomic Research and Analysis directorate is to provide policy advice and research analysis on macroeconomic developments, microeconomic issues and international economic developments.

The Macroeconomic Research and Analysis directorat does this through policy analysis; policy impact studies; conduct research; macroeconomic forecasts and overview of the mining performance. The forecasts are used to inform the development of mining policy and strategies to grow and development the mining industry. 

  • Policy analysis -  we are undertaking and managing policy research and evidence-based analysis to assist in the development of policy development
  • Policy impact studies - conduct policy impact studies on the assessment of how the policy intervention(s) has achieved its intended outcomes
  • Economic research – prepare reports; undertake in-depth market research analysis in terms of minerals commodities, economic research and monitoring both locally and internationally
  • Macroeconomic forecasts – provide an outlook of the mining and minerals industry 
  • Overview of mining performance - undertake regular overview of assessment of the mining and minerals sector including its contribution to the national economy 
  • Economic Advisory services - thought-leadership and economic policy advice in other important policy areas, such as employment and labour market policy; macroeconomic stability; transformation; and monetary and foreign exchange policy.