MHSC Award scheme

The Mine Health and Safety Council Award Scheme replaced the Minerals Council of South Africa competition scheme in January 2000. Any operational mine in South Africa can participate in this award scheme.

Any decision about the awards scheme is vested in the Department of Mineral Resources. If a participant chooses to appeal against a decision, the matter will be referred to the Mine Health and Safety Council.

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An operational mine can participate in only one of the two main categories of scheme namely:

  • The Millionaire's Award.
  • The Thousand Fatality-Free Production Shifts Award.
To register to participate in the scheme, complete the registration form: MHSC Award Scheme Registration Form and submit the completed form to


Operational mines already participating in the Mine Health and Safety Council Award Scheme must submit the reports of labour and shifts by no later than the 10th day of each month following that to which the information relates. 

To obtain the forms for the Report of Labour and Shifts Millionaire’s Award or the Report of Labour and Shifts Thousand Fatality-Free Production Shifts Award, please see the Download Resources section below.

It is important to know that fatality free shifts are man shifts and operate on the total labour that physically worked on the participating mine for the reporting month. Fatality free production shifts does not count the number of employees but it counts the total number of production shifts worked per day on the operation for example:

If the mine works on a two-shift cycle, it will be two production shifts per day or a three-shift cycle will be three production shifts per day. These shifts will be multiplied by the days actually worked at the participating mine to report on the total production shifts for the reporting month.

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Status reports are the reports on all participating mines’ achievement from 1 January - 31 December for each year. These reports indicate the name of the participating mine, the achievement, the date of the achievement and the date of the last fatality at the participating mine.

The date of the last fatality indicated on these status reports will be the last fatality prior to the achievement mentioned.

The latest dates of fatalities on mines in South Africa are reported on the South African Mines Reportable Accident Statistics System or SAMRASS.

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