Mineral Policy & Promotion



Mineral Policy & Promotion

The Mineral Policy and Promotion Branch was created in April 2005, resulting from the split of the Mineral Development Branch.

The following functions also fall under this branch:

Mineral economics;
Small-scale mining;
Beneficiation economics;
Mineral policy development;
Environmental policy;

Mine environment policy research and development.

Mineral promotion and international coordination

  • Chief Directorate: Mineral Promotion
    This chief directorate is responsible for the provision, through research, of relevant information that will enhance global competitiveness and attract new investment into the South African mineral industry.

  • Directorate: Mineral Economics
    This directorate, through the Statistics sub-directorate, collects and collates all mineral and mining-related statistics. The statistics are then supplied to Statistics South Africa as well as the commodity-specific sub-directorates who are responsible for compiling promotional publications, taking part in exhibitions and undertaking particular international obligations.

  • Directorate: Small-Scale Mining
    This directorate actively contributes towards sustainable development through enterprise development mainly focusing on the second economy. It also promotes the development of small-scale and medium-scale enterprises.

  • Directorate: Beneficiation Economics
    This directorate aims to develop strategies for the development of downstream beneficiation and investigate alternative use of minerals.

  • Directorate: International Coordination

Mineral policy

Chief Directorate: Mineral Policy
The Mineral Policy Chief Directorate is responsible for reviewing policies, amending legislation and conducting research on mine environmental policy to achieve transformation and to attract new investment to the South African mineral industry. This chief directorate consists of:

  • Directorate Mineral Policy Development
    This directorate reviews current and pending laws. It is responsible for drafting regulations on various legislation, such as the Diamonds Amendment Bill and Precious Metals Bill in September 2005.
  • Environmental Policy
    This directorate is responsible for researching, developing and promulgating environmental policy, legislation, norms, standards and strategies in terms of the Minerals and Petroleum Resources Development Act (MPRDA), 2002.
  • Environmental Research and Development
    This directorate focuses on sustainable mine closures and the management of mine water.

Chief Directorate: Economic Advisory Services

The work of the Chief Economist entails regular assessment of the performance of the economy with specific reference to mining and its contribution to overall economic growth. Reports have been produced analysing the underlying performance of mining relative to other sectors of the economy. This helps in understanding the likely stance the mining sectors is likely to take given the state of the economy. This analysis also encapsulates other variables such as interest rates; exchange rates; current account of the balance of payments and monetary policy stance of the South African Reserve Bank. Areas of focus for the Chief Economist include:

Analysis of BEE shareholder structures and financing;
Macroeconomic policy impact analysis;
Employment and investments trends in the mining sector;
Publishing of articles;
Mineral policy development;
Assessment of national and international trends;

Business development for BEE in oil and gas

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