Mine Manager’s Government Certificate of Competency

Mine Manager’s Government Certificate of Competency

Examination Administrator

Ms Cynthia Makgata

Tel :+27(0)12-444 3272

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General information

Examinations are set under the auspices of the Commission of Examiners. It forms a formal part of an educational qualification and is open to any acceptable candidate. Unless otherwise stated, all examinations are three hours long. The pass mark is 50%.

Candidates must ensure that their applications are submitted well in advance of the closing dates. No allowance will be made for any errors or omissions by candidates, training institutions or other persons or by the postal authorities.

All entries are acknowledged and it is the responsibility of candidates to ensure that an acknowledgement has been received.

NOTE: Applications received after closing dates will be transferred to the following exam. Examination arrangements to be provided

Examination arrangements for 2014

Examination Dates

April examinations

October examinations

Closing date for acceptance

06 March 2014

07 August 2014

Closing date for examination

14 March 2014

14 August 2014

Availability of results

23 June 2014

21 November 2014

Closing date for appeal

18 July 2014

12 December 2014

Submission of remarks by moderators

30 July 2014

16 January 2015


MMCC May 2014 Examination Time Table Click here

MMCC October 2014 Examination Time Table Click here



Part A

Optional questions will be given for coal/metal where appropriate:

• Subject A1: Geology

• Subject A2: Surveying

• Subject A3: Engineering

Part B

There will be separate papers for metal and coal (priorities determine).

• Subject B1: Mining technologies (Mining)

• Part B - Mining II: Mining technical services

• Part B – Mining II Mining technical services (coal)

• Subject B3: Mining III (Management)

Part C

This is an open-book examination and is two-and-a-half hours long.

• Legal Knowledge

• Mine Health and Safety Act, 1996 (No 29 of 1996) including Regulations made or deemed to have been made under this Act - previously under the Minerals Act, 1991 - that relate to health and safety issues.

• Mines and Works Act, 1956 (Act 27 of 1956) - definitions and Section 9 of the Act which was not repealed by the Minerals Act, 1991.

• Mine Health and Safety Amendment Act, 1997 (Act 72 of 1997).




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